horseshoe crab eggs: on the menu in fall too?

There are a lot of young horseshoe crabs in the Delaware Bay right now. It’s a big resource and we can pretty sure that birds, fish and other critters are exploiting it if they can.

Mysterious horseshoe crab egg meiofauna

There is much to learn about the interaction of the meiofauna with horseshoe crab eggs. It would stand to reason that the notoriously nutritious horseshoe crab egg would be capitalized on by the creatures living under the sand. Meiofauna drawing © Den Store Danske

a stochastic event on the Delaware Bay

Environmental stochasticity is “unpredictable spatiotemporal fluctuation in environmental conditions”.  I think I experienced such a thing when I was caught in a hail storm on the Delaware Bay last week.

The opposite of resilient

The practice of salt marsh diking turns a normally resilient system into a very brittle system at the edge of collapse.


Despite the huge numbers of shorebirds using the area, Maranhão, Brazil has received only limited conservation and research attention outside of Brazil.

Finding Coxe Hall

This old house is one of the oldest in the county. In this post I put its original location on the map.