A willet on watch

Here’s a shot of a willet wearing a geolocator tracking device.  We are hoping to catch this one soon!

Heard the evening song of the …

Heard the evening song of the ovenbird in some local woods at sunset. They save it for the end of the day. listen: http://t.co/zxoDj6X7


Here’s a horseshoe crab in a common predicament: upside down and hoping for the next high tide to help make things right.  This crab was working hard to get himself turned over, but only succeeded in making a beautiful design in the sand.  I flipped him after taking this photo.

Terrapin Season

We saw our first terrapins nesting  on the road on Friday.  By Sunday, the beach was covered with turtle tracks and the nearshore waters are filled with turtles poking their heads up.  The crows and grackles got to work immediately stealing eggs.  We think that turtle season might distract predators from their usual work of searching for bird nests.

Shifting Baselines

A great pictorial example of shifting baselines in recreational fishing